Welcome and Please, Feel at Ease…

My name is Krysty. I am a healer and teacher of healing living in Victoria, British Columbia. And it is my pleasure to meet you.

ODONATA Reiki is a home based business I created years ago to help me help others. For some of us, it is through helping that we most thrive. I truly feel the most blessed when people allow me the privilege to walk next to them during the most difficult journeys in their live. When I help someone else, I know I am helping myself as well. Our lives and our paths are joined, when someone approaches me for healing and help.

I work as an intuitive spiritual life coach, working with a handful of select clients who truly needed me next to them. I have a certificate in Mental Health Counseling, and a few years of business experience. I have Master levels in both Usui and Karuna Reiki styles, and teach classes to students interested in becoming healers. While working part time at two different resource centres, I also volunteer as a job search counselor, English conversation companion, and teach a spirituality class to Japanese students new to Canada. I am also a spirit that has garnered education and wisdom from the things that have come towards me on my own path in life – and I have the skill and ability to share it with those who come to me.

I offer Reiki services in clients’ homes and distantly, as well as teaching Reiki classes in Victoria, British Columbia.

Is there something you require? Is there something you need? Is there some way we can help each other?

I work with a sliding scale and am very generous when it comes to healing energy; after all, the energy that comes to you is already yours. I help guide and channel it towards you, but the real strength and power of your healing will always come from you.

If you would like to purchase my services in the Victoria, British Columbia area, or would prefer something done for you distantly, please contact me at krystymcintyre at gmail.com.

If there is something else you would like to see me offer, please, only ask. I will use my resources to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you’re a healer or energy worker in the same neighbourhood as I live, I would love to meet with you and share your services and contributions here.

I sincerely wish you much light and love!

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