Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Once upon a time, I saw this saying. It means a lot of things to different people. And this is what it means to me.

Faith. I have learned that faith can’t be found in a book, or in a building, or even in a congregation. It isn’t found in a leader, nor by being a steadfast follower. Faith comes from someplace else.

I have learned that Faith is an incredible lack of belief. It’s when you do not believe in something working out for the best, when you lack knowledge of the story’s ending, when you don’t know what is going to happen next, that you make the choice to have Faith. Faith is this incredible ability within beings, with all people, to ‘know’ something that you can’t possibly know. Without any education, scientific fact or previous information, a person can make a choice to believe.

Many make the choice to believe that what has happened before will happen again. They have had tough lives and expect that something bad will happen next, because that’s the way it has always been. They may have believed in something else, once upon a time, but now they’re afraid. They’ve been hurt and damaged by the past things that have happened to them, and it’s nearly impossible for them to let that go. I know that this is like. And I’ve made another choice, that being to have Faith.

Faith is knowing that when it’s dark outside, the light is coming. Faith is knowing that when a person keeps trying, eventually things are going to work out. Faith is knowing that one could sit and meditate and pray, and things would still work out. Faith and Fate are very much connected, and I’ve chosen to believe that Fate has kind eyes and looks on me lovingly. It’s from this belief that my Faith comes. Things will be alright. And when they aren’t, that’s only because I haven’t seen things the right way yet. And I can, if I wish to. That is Faith, to me.

Trust. It is a very hard and precious thing. Sadly, many people give it away only to have it crushed and crumpled before their eyes. And with every tear they shed, their Trust bleeds out a little more and a little more, every drop another bit of Trust lost to them. Eventually, people who feel they have trusted others too much become exhausted and afraid. They can’t trust anymore, they choose not to, and who could blame them? Distrusting others becomes a survival tactic, a strategy used to keep one from seeing repeated pain, over and over again.

Trust is to many something that has to be earned. I’ve learned that I am incredibly naive and gullible. I was born that way. We all were. It is our past living that has taught us to be anything but Trusting. And the lessons we pick up through childhood and adulthood together reinstated our distrust, made it clear that by not trusting others, we were doing the right thing. Trust is something we have learned to covet and keep close to ourselves, reserving only for those who we think are special. Subconsciously, we seem to say, if this person I now Trust out of love hurts me, it will be okay because I love them. If a strange hurts me and misuses my Trust, that’s different and that is on me.

I don’t see Trust this way. To me, Trust is indeed a precious gift. And it’s one I am happy to give away. To everyone and everyone, I give my Trust. Now, that doesn’t mean I Trust everyone with the whole of me, with the things most sacred inside of me. But I choose to believe that every person is working from a place of wisdom and love. It may be self-love, it may be coloured wisdom. But people are always doing exactly what they want to do AND the best they know to do in that moment. Yes, people make decisions that aren’t the greatest. And often, those decisions hurt others. But what happens when they fail to fulfill the covenant of Trust myself and others may have given them is on them, not me.

I am not wrong for Trusting. Nor is anyone wrong for distrusting. I choose to Trust. It’s what I want to see in the world. I want to treat the world the way it could be, so it will become what it might be. And to me, the world needs more Trust. So, I Trust. I Trust people, I Trust Spirit, and I Trust my Faith. Everything will and is working out for the best.

Pixie Dust. This is where things can get very simple or very complicated. It’s up to you. If you had the choice to add a little bit of magick to your life, wouldn’t you? I would. I do. I appreciate the mystical and the magickal and the spiritual and the ethereal. The things we cannot see are at work in my life. And I have Faith in that. I Trust that.

Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust. It’s what is at work in my life. And I couldn’t be happier with that.

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